PE Foam


Standard PE Rods is an ideal non absorbent compressible backup material inserted into a joint to control sealant dept, creating a backstop to allow proper sealant tooling. It can also be used as a temporary joint seal.

Specific Uses:
Commonly used in glazing operation, window and door application, expansion joints, curtain wall joints, partition, log construction, pavement joints and repair precast units and copings.

Standard PE Rod is compatible with butyl, polysulfide acrylic polyurethane, silicone and most other cold sealants.

Composition and material:
Standard PE Rod is an extruded round closed cell low density polyethylene foam material with skin-like outer texture. It is highly flexible and compressible for easy installation.

Chemical Resistance:
Standard PE Rods meets a wide range of chemical resistance. Please call for specific application and conditions.

Joint or opening must be kept clean, dry and free of obstructions. Select proper rod diameter and cut to lengeth or use directly from spool. With a blunt instrument or roller, uniformly install Rod at the level recommended by the sealant manufacturer, or architect involved. Generally the depth of the joint after the PE Rod is installed is one half width. Very large and very small joints vary in terms of this depth to width ratio. (Do not puncture, Stretch or overly compress).

RoHS Test Results:
Test Items Unit MDL Limit Test Method
Pb mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - AES
Cd mg/kg 2 ppm 100 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - AES
Hg mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - AES/AAS
CrVI mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA 3060A & 7196A, UV / Vis Spectrometry
PBB mg/kg 5 ppm 1000 EPA 3060A & 7196A, UV / Vis Spectrometry
PBDE mg/kg 5 ppm 1000 EPA 3060A & 7196A, UV / Vis Spectrometry
Physical Properties Value*
Density 240~2.60PCF/3.85~4.18grm/m
Deflection 4 psi @25%
Water Absorption 0.02% by Volume
Temperature Range -90 F to 210 F
Standard Rod Size & Corresponding Joint width Chart
Rods Size Joint Width
mm Inch mm Inch
8 5/16 6 1/4
10 3/8 8 5/16
12 1/2 10 3/8
15 5/8 13 1/2
20 3/4 16 5/8
25 1 22 7/8
30 1 3/16 22 1
35 1 9/16 30 1 3/16