Bfoil Aluminum Bubble


Bfoil - is an excellent material used as thermal insulation for roof and wall insulation for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings.


  • Foil Laminated -Laminated with aluminum foil as an outer skin for increase durability and heat and flame resistance.
  • Bubble Sheet - Air pockets in the bubble sheet prevent conductive heat transfer. Thus, it significantly lowers room temperature to a more comfortable level.
  • Characteristics - With anti-static chemical additives to overcome static discharge. The bubble Sheet strength and resiliency make it suitable for shock-absorbing, and vibrartion dampening
  • Flexibility - It is light weight, easy to install, durable, non-hazardous to health and environment.
  • Durability - Is a thermal insulation composed of two layers polyethylene bubble sheets laminated on both sides with aluminum foil.

Product Identification
Brand Name Bfoil Aluminum Bubble Insulation
Product Name Aluminum Bubble Insulation
Chemical Family Polyethylene
Standard Bfoil Bubble Insulation Available
Bubble Diameter Width(M) Length(M) Color
9.6 PBS 1.0 25, 50 White, Pink & Clear
25 PBS 1.0 25, 50 White, Pink & Clear
Raw Materials:
Ingredients Volume %
LDPE (Bubble Plastic) 100%
Aluminum Foil 43-45 microns thickness
MPET Foil 25-35 microns thickness
Physical Properties Value*
Physical State Bubble Plastic
Odor Negligible Odor
Density 3.0 PCF
Melting Point 92.4°C
Color Clear, White & Pink
Surface Resistance *Pink 1010-1011ohms/sq.
R-value 15
Reflectivity 97%
Weight 400 g/m2
RoHS Test Results:
Test Items Unit MDL Limit Test Method
Lead mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - OES
Cadmium mg/kg 2 ppm 100 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - OES
Mercury mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - OES/AAS
Hexavalent Chromium mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA 3060A & 7196A, UV / Vis Spectrometry