Rockwool Board
with Aluminum Foil Faced


Rockwool Insulation Sheet - has excellent thermal properties as well as providing exceptional acoustic and fire resistant properties. It is an ideal material for insulating pipes, plant, and equipment operating at temperatures up to 820°C. Used for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation, fire protection insulation.


  • Highly durable insulation product.
  • Facilities forming and holds shape of equipment to be installed
  • Cost effective thermal insulation
  • Non-combustible/Non-Flammable
  • Biosoluble safe to use product
  • Low chloride control resulting in less corrosion of insulted steel process equipment

Product Identification
Brand Name Rockwool Board
Product Name ABM Rockwool
Standard Size/s Available
Thickness 125mm(+/-10)
Width 600mm(+/-10)
Length 1200mm(+/-10)
Raw Materials:
Ingredients CAS No.
Mineral Wool Fiber 94% - 99%
Modified Urea Extended Phenolic Cured Resin 1% - 6%
Adhesive <1%
Aluminum Foil <1%
Physical Properties Rockwool Aluminum Foil
Physical State Wool Solid
Odor No appreciable Neutral
Color Yellowish Silver
Surface Resistance Not Applicable Not Applicable
Vapor Pressure Not Applicable
Solubility in Water Negligible
Percent Volatile Very low;<1%
Decomposition Temperature >300°C