Polyester Board


T-MAX Polyester Board - Polyester board is an excellent material for thermal insulation, and sound absorption application for automotive and building industry, from domestic housing and commercial buildings through to industrial application.


  • T-MAX Polyester Board - is made from 100% polester which is manufactured through compressed heat with superior tensile strength and widely used for thermal insulation and sound absorption. It is light weight and flexible making it ideal for clothing material.


    >Polyester is a synthetic fiber produce by the polymerization. It has the ability to resist wrinkling and to spring back into shape when creased.

    >Fire resistant as organic material begins to be deformed at about 260°C.

  • Flexibility - The polyester strength and absoption and vibration-dampening.

Product Identification
Brand Name T-MAX Polyester Board
Chemical Family Polyethylene
Raw Materials:
Ingredients Volume %
Ethylene Glycol 8.68%
Alcohol 27.2%
Terephtalic Acid 23.27%
Polymer Chips 40.85%
Standard T-MAX Polyester Board Available
Thickness(mm) Width(M) Lengeth(M) Color
12mm 1.22 2.44 White
Physical Properties Value*
Odor Nuetral
Density 10 - 400kg/m3
Heat Conductivity 0.03 - 0.039
Color White
Moisture Absorption 0.31%
Flame Spread Index 10
Smoke Developed Value 90
Burning Classification Class A
Withsland Temperature 260°C
Sound Absorption Rate 0.75 - 0.080
Anti-Microbial Test Results:
Test Items ATCC 6538 ATCC 4352
CFU/Density 1.2 x 105 1.2 x 105
Increase Rate(Mb/Ma)31.6 46 48
Ma(name of bacteria after injection) 1.2 x 105 1.4 x 105
Mb (name of bacteria after 18hrs cultivation) 5.5 x 106 6.7 x 108
Mc (name of bacteria after 18hrs. using materials) <10 <10
Reduction Rate [(Mb - Mc)/Mb]*100 99.9 99.9