PE Foam


Polyethylene foam is an excellent material for cushioning products in packaging applications and preffered packaging material for elecronic components sensitive to static discharge.


  • Betafoam PE Foam Sheet - is a very strong and resilient material. It is made frome polyethylene resin which is highly resistant to chemicals and safe for the health. The foam's structure is closed cell making it a water resistant material. It is light weight and flexible making it ideal for packaging fragile and sensitive products.
  • Characteristics - flexible closed cell polythylene foam, & with anti-static chemicl additives to overcome static charge.
  • Flexibility - the foam's strength and resisliency make it suitable for shock-absorbing and vibration-dampening.
  • Vesatility - Aside from packaging use it is widely used as an insulation material for heat and cold and it can be used as a moisture and sound barrier as well

Product Identification
Brand Name Polyethylene Foam Sheet
Product Name PE Foam
Chemical Family Polyethylene
Physical Properties Value*
Physical State Flexible Closed PE
Odor Nuetral
Density 1.3 - 1.8 PCF
Melting Point N/A, Thermoset
Color White/Pink
Surface Resistance 109 - 1011ohms/sq
Physical Properties With Anti-Static
Water Absorption 0.02% by Volume
RoHS Test Results:
Test Items Unit MDL Limit Test Method
Lead mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - AES
Cadmium mg/kg 2 ppm 100 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - AES
Mercury mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - AES/AAS
Hexavalent Chromium mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA 3060A & 7196A, UV / Vis Spectrometry
PBB's / PBDE's mg/kg 5 ppm 1000 EPA 3060A & 7196A, UV / Vis Spectrometry
Raw Materials:
Ingredients Volume %
LDPE 96%
Towrex Powder (monoglyceride) 0.5%
MB FR 2%
Colorant 1.5%
Standard PE Foam for Packaging Available
Thickness(mm) Width(M) Lengeth(M) Color
2mm 1M 150M White/Pink
3mm 1M 100M
4mm 1M 50M
5mm 1M 50M
6mm 1M 50M
Also Available in Cut-sizes & Bag Type