Plastic Bubble


- Is an excellent material for cushioning products in packaging applications and prefered packaging material for electronic components sensitive to static discharge.


  • Bubble Sheet - air pockets in the bubble sheet prevent conductive heat transfer. Thus, it significantly lowers room temperature to a more comfortable level.
  • Characteristics - With anti-static chemical additives to overcome static discharge. The Bubble Sheets strength and resiliency make it suitable for shock-absorbing and vibrations-dampening.

Product Identification
Brand Name Plastic Bubble Sheet
Product Name Bubble Sheet
Chemical Family Polyethylene
Physical Properties Value*
Physical State Flexible Closed PE
Odor Nuetral
Density 1.3 - 1.8 PCF
Melting Point N/A, Thermoset
Color White, Gray & Pink
Surface Resistance *Pink 1010-1011 ohms/sq.
Physical Properties With Anti-Static
Standard Bubble Sheet Available
Bubble Diameter Width(M) Lengeth(M) Color
9.6 PBS 1.0 25, 50 Pink/Clear
25 PBS 1.0 25, 50 Pink/Clear
RoHS Test Results:
Test Items Unit MDL Limit Test Method
Lead mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - AES
Cadmium mg/kg 2 ppm 100 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - AES
Mercury mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP - AES/AAS
Hexavalent Chromium mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA 3060A & 7196A, UV / Vis Spectrometry
PBB's / PBDE's *Pink and White mg/kg 5 ppm 1000 US EPA 3060A & 7196A, UV / Vis Spectrometry
Standard PE Foam Insulation Available
Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Color
0.5mm 1.0/1.2 600 White/Pink
0.8mm 1.0 300
1mm 1.0/1.2 300
2mm 1.0 150
3mm 1.0 50/100
Raw Materials:
Ingredients C.A.S No.
LDPE 9002-88-4
MFG Method Blown Film
Color Pink/Clear
MB Anti-Static(Pink Bubble Sheet) Anti-Static